New to BYC but having fun in Western NY


9 Years
Oct 2, 2010
HI my names Janice- I'm located south of Buffalo and grew up a farm kid. Dairy cows, chickens, pigs, turkeys, geese, and horses.

Sold everything a few years ago
but hubby of 30 years and I are now are raising 11 peacocks, 2 yellow golden pheasants, 4 ring neck pheasants, 9 bobwhite quail and 11 easter egg chickens (whose breed I can never spell right). We also have 3 cockatiels, 2 basset hounds and a turtle. nope no partridges in my pear trees.

The whole peacock thing started when my hubby couldn't find a gift for my 50th birthday in July this year and new I had always wanted a peacock. So he said lets go to the auction at the auction barn and see what they have- out of the blue. Low and behold, his plan was to buy me one - which is where Pablo described below comes from. So for a month I had this one lonely male at my house. Making a wracket day and night. Lonely. So I said now we need to get him a girl friend. So the following month back to the auction we went. This time, no single females. Just a mated pair. and someone else had some babies to sell being sold 6 weeks old 3 white, 1 cameo and 3 black shoulder blue babes

I am not sure of the "specific" breeds of my peacocks. 1 have a blue necked adult male (Pablo) (the birthday present!) and a greenish necked male (Phillipe), but they don't match any pictures of adults that I can find. The greenish one came with an adult female (Penelope).
I also hatched out an egg, that a fellow peacock hobby farmer gave me. He, she, it? now10 weeks old. Has a lot of white on the lower wings and dark colors down center of back. he had mixed pens so no idea of exact breed either.

So me and my birds play in the "Peacock Playhouse" formerly my horse barn daily. I love them cant wait to add more. Anyone got any they want to donate to my NY farm??

Guess I should also say I have an amazing sense of humor and find life to be full of adventures to laugh at. Will post pictures soon.

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