New to BYC , can my chicks go outside.


5 Years
Apr 10, 2014
These are my beautiful baby wellsummers i was wondering if they could outside for a play for the first time today they are nearly a month old , i also have my baby silkies these are 2 weeks old and when could they go for there first adventure outside thanks x
[/IMG] :) :)
Of course get those little guys outside!! They need to get their "chicken" on! We took ours outside at 1 week, once it warmed up enough. They need to explore, eat dirt, peck at things, get some sunshine. Do you have a small pen to put them in? With an open bottom in in perhaps?
At 2 weeks they might be too cold to go out, depending on your weather. I go by the brooder temp, however hot I keep the brooder it should be relatively close outside.
Ok so i took the wellsummers outside for a little scratch about i left the other babys inside they loved it , but we had to turn in as it got a little windy , Thanks guys ! X :)

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