New to BYC! Excited to be here!


7 Years
May 3, 2012
Broomfield colorado
Hi My name is Brad. My Fiance Danielle myself and our 4 children just finished our coop and moved our girls out almost three weeks ago. 2 golden sex links, 2 black sex links and 2 light Bramahs. It has been amazing watching them grow. They are a hoot. I was in 4H when I was a kid and im so happy to have my children around poultry. My 6 year old daughter Elle cant keep from picking them up and because of that they don't mind being held. Her favorite is one of the light Bramahs which she named Mrs fluffly pants.(feathered feet HA) Only one issue so far though. One day after moving the birds out a fox moved in. Crazy, Our Chessie Drake Passed away two years ago so we don't have a backyard protector anymore and our cat who out weighs the fox does'nt want anything to do with it. It's a vixen and she raises kits every year somewhere in the neighborhood. She's never been in our yard before but without Drake she has free reign. anyway, I'll keep everyone posted as to how it goes. The coop is secure so that won't be an issue.

Good to be here, Brad.
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan :D

I think it's great that you can coexhist with wildlife, so many people seem to feel the only response to a wild animal is to kill it. We have fox, coyotes, raccoons, bears, weasels, hawks owls and eagles, and of course stray dogs, and have only lost 3 birds - due to a coop door left open overnight.

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