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Oct 15, 2012
Hi everyone!

I've already posted questions here in BYC, and had them promptly answered. Wonderful! I am so grateful to be able to reach out to experienced chicken keepers and have a community to share knowledge and ideas with. I hope to contribute as much as I take away!

Anyway, I grew up with chickens - my parents ran a hobby farm with about 50-60 chickens we received from McMurray Hatchery. We had all sorts of breeds, and I was in charge of food, water, and cleanup. (The chickens, and our sheep, goats, rabbits, and peacocks!)

I loved nothing more than watching chickens around the yard all day, so I decided I would definitely have chickens as an adult (and my other chosen animals for the future menagerie includes bees, goats, alpacas, peacocks, angora rabbits, and guinea hens).

So, here I am! Mother hen to some wonderful birds!

I don't have any roosters. My flock includes Billina the Red Star, Minerva the White Leghorn cross (not a sex link), Urdnot Wrex and Bandit the Easter Eggers, Camilla the Salmon Faverolle, Bubo the Golden Sebright, Snowbird Chicken the Silkie mix, Petunia and Brave Little Toaster the Phoenix hens, and Little Beansidhe the Mille Fleur.

We're having some real learning experiences this year including a runaway and a sick chick who unfortunately died. Also, Billina bullies Little Beansidhe (who is new) mercilessly, and we're figuring out the best way to resolve it (we're now thinking of keeping Billina separate for a couple months and then reintroducing her to the flock since she can certainly defend herself well).

But overall, we're loving the chickens and their personalities, and of course, the eggs!

Thanks so much to all of you for forming this community!

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