new to BYC just checking in


Oct 21, 2018
Selma , NC
Hello all names John from NC Selma area. I have been keeping chickens since about August I guess. Found a cheap-o coop and 4 birds 2austrolorps and 2 leghorns I think(smallish all white birds with red combs) Ill get pics up some time soon. I had a loss of one of the whites, so down to 3 for now in my adults/layers. I have 6 silkies in the brooder at about 2 weeks old now and growing like weeds and 7 out of 12 eggs on day 9 that were fertile and growing. The embryos are all swimming so looking good! well I'm off to read some more. Thanks for such a great source of info i'll try to search and read b4 asking questions.

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