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Oct 24, 2012
Fort Bragg, Ca

Hi All,
My name is Jen and I am new here. I live in a small town, right in the heart of downtown, where chicken keeping is not legal, but I have 6 little beauties anyway. I figured since my neighbor has 5 and the neighbor across the street has ducks, I was in fine company. I currently have a Buff Orpington, a RIR, a BR, a WC Black Polish, a Silver Cuckoo Marans, and a Black Silkie. They are all pullets, but I am confused by my Silkie (surprise, surprise!) They are all under 3 months, so still hard to tell with the silkie, but i was hoping some of you pros could help me tell if s/he is a pullet or a Roo. Here are some pics from this evening. Thank you all!!


Hello and welcome to BYC from Kentucky. It's kinda hard for me to tell. I'm not sure but judging from the way it's standing I'm guessing rooster but I'm probably wrong. Why don't you stop over at the What Breed or Gender is This and post your question along with the images and some one over there will be able to help you. That is a pretty chicken you have there regardless.

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