New to BYC, not new to poultry.


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I am Daniel Conrad, I grew up and still reside in a small community called Dry Ridge, KY located along I-75 just south of Cincinnati, OH. I was born into poultry. My father was the county's 4-H leader and my brother participated in activities at a young age. He gave it up fairly early on, but my father and I continued until I was in High School. My father changed employers and I had changed interests and we decided to get out of the poultry scene. I am now returning with great interest and I plan to make this a lifetime hobby of mine. I have had experience, albeit that was several years ago, with: Chickens, Guineas, Ducks, Pigeons, Turkeys and Geese. Currently I plan to raise Guinea Fowl as well as Buckeyes,which I plan to acquire through Laura Haggarty.

Guineas will be a purely-enjoyment effort. I have always been fond of them and as a kid I had Guineas which were people friendly. I handled them on a daily basis and got them used to exhibit cages. If I end up with show quality birds I may take them out into the world but currently just plan to have them around the house for my own pleasure.

Buckeyes are a different story. I am, at the core, a bit of a perfectionist. I don't usually do things with intention of being content with my work. My mother said, "I've never met a Conrad who does anything in moderation." I am not about to prove my mother wrong, because she is incredibly intelligent. To prove her otherwise would be shameful. That being said, I plan to get chicks from Laura in the coming weeks. However I plan to get into contact with other breeders to get fresh genetics to add in to my birds as well. I don't intend to tinker with crossing other breeds in. I would rather keep them pure and work with the genetics this great bird currently has to offer.

Before getting out of poultry my father and I had a small bunch of Buckeyes. At the time we had ours we never saw many Buckeyes at shows, if any. But having looked over the marvelous wonders of the internet I see the breed has made quite a blossom in the community.
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Hi and welcome.
There are a lot of people on her that are first time poultry keepers. There are many that have done it for years. I am sure that you will be able to offer a lot of good advice to a lot of others at BYC.


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Greetings from Kansas, Daniel, and
! Pleased you joined us! Good luck to you and your Buckeye breeding program.

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Chickielady(on Washingtonians thread ) used to raise them. The pictures she posted were gorgeous and she did quite well showing them. So at least I know what they look like.

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