New to BYC, Question...


Dec 16, 2020

I'm in Oregon, we are in the process of moving to a larger place with 0.75 acre, so of course we are getting chickens! Most of the varieties I want to get can be found locally.

Murray McMurray has a variety that is Whiting True Blue and Whiting True Green. They sound like a cross breed from the beloved easter egg varieties, but raised for brighter eggs/possibly higher egg production. I'd like to order some, but don't really need 6 (order minimum). Is there a place here where I could post an ask if anyone wanted to go in on an order? I would look for delivery in April 2021.

If not, I may just end up ordering, and then keep re-home a couple. I know I can fine Araucanas,/Ameraucanas, but I was interested in trying these True Blue/Greens.

Thanks in advance,

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