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6 Years
Apr 21, 2013
Wetumpka Alabama
We are new to BYC but have been reading the site for several weeks as my husband built our new coop/run (6 x 9) and we searched for laying hens. This site has answered a lot of questions and given us some very good advice. We finally got four beautiful hens from a local farmer on Friday. Two Rhode Island Reds and two Black Stars. They are settling in pretty good now. We already have three eggs which was a surprise because the farmer said they probably wouldn't lay for a couple of days. We are feeding them Nutrina laying crumbles 16% and giving them about a cup of scratch feed which has a little corn in it. I'm still not sure how much scratch feed to give them and if this is enough. My husband made a separate feeder that he nailed to the side of the run that holds the crushed Oyster shells. I read somewhere that instinctively they will take what they need. I welcome any recommendations or advice.
Hello and welcome from glad you joined BYC

I agree. Your coop is beautiful!!!

Sounds like you are doing everything right. I feed Nutrena also which my hens really like :)

Good luck to you and enjoy those beautiful eggs
Greetings from Kansas, Linda4949, and
! Great to have you here! Happy to hear your hens are producing so well and so quickly! In terms of the scratch grains, a cup might be a little excessive. I have read on BYC that scratch should only comprise 10% of their daily feed. I assume that is by volume. Best of luck with your hens and enjoy those eggs!
Thanks to everyone! I thought my husband did a great job on the coop. He now wants to add a 10x10 portable run for them. I guess I'll cut back on the scratch feed.

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