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Hello everyone,

I am new to BYC I have read posts on here since I got my first hens so have finally decided to join :) I am from North Yorkshire in the UK, I live on a farm with my boyfriend in total we have 50 suckler cows, 2 bulls, 50 cattle of varying ages (calf to store cattle), 180 sheep, 4 tups, 5 dogs and 11 hens and 2 cockerels. The chickens are my hobby and I have become totally obsessed! :) I have 8 Bantam German Langshan hens (I have read they are not accepted as a breed in America but they are a fantastic show breed here in the UK!) 3 white, 3 blue and 2 black. 1 Bantam German Langshan cockerel (black), 2 Wyandotte Bantam hens (partridge), 1 Silver- Grey Dorking Cockerel (I'd love some hens for him!) and 1 old hybrid hen enjoying retirement :) The langshans and wyandottes live happily in the big house and get the run of the farm in summer and the dorking and hybrid are inseparable and live in the small house and pen next door.

I look forward to viewing your pages and hopefully helping answer some of your questions :)

Darwin my Silver- Grey Dorking (with my other boys who will be leaving soon)

Spot one of my Bantam German Langshans

Darwin enjoying the sun

My new Langshans

Wyandotte hen with chick :)

Spot and one of my Wyandottes

Olive my old hybrid enjoying retirement


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Welcome aboard to BYC, you'll love it! Sounds like you have a nice farm set up. You will be alot of help and find alot of help from others. This is a fun, light hearted place to be with folks who have a sincere desire to support the members. Stay in touch and enjoy yourself!
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