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    Hello, I need some advice on a chicken that is about two months into laying. She is a Silver Laced Wyndott. The Last 5 days she has been sitting in her nesting box and doesn't move much. She has moved around and switched boxes on me three times. She does not seem to be eating or drinking and that concerns me that she could get dehydrated, I have given her food and water and she eats and drinks but will not come out of the box. Im trying to figure out if she is broody or has an egg stuck. She doest seem to be straining to push an egg out so not sure if thats the problem. I have reached under her and pulled all the eggs out from under her to see if she is just sitting on eggs. any suggestions would help.
    Jason from Mount Vernon WA
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    If she is staying on the nest at night as well, she may have gone broody. They will go broody with or without eggs. If you remove a broody from the nest and set her down on the ground, she will usually sort of flattten her body as if to cover the eggs. She is also likely to growl and squawk and nip at you, even if she is normally friendly, when you approach. Broodies normally leave the nest once a day to eat, etc., and to leave one large, stinky "broody poop." They prefer to do this when no one is looking, as if to prevent predators from seeing that their nest is unguarded. She is a little young to go broody, and not normally a broody breed -- but any laying hen can go broody. More on broodies:

    Of course, there could be other reasons she is staying on the nest, especially if she is roosting at night. She might not feel well, perhaps have a leg or hip injury, prehaps an internal medical condition -- any number of things. Or she could be at the bottom of the pecking order and staying on the nest because she is harrassed less there.
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    Welcome to BYC! I'm glad you joined us! :)
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    Does she puff up her feathers when you disturb her? If so, likely she is broody. Do take the advice given by Judy. Try going out after dark to see if she is still in that nest. If not and on the roost, give her an exam to make sure there are no injuries or other reasons for this.

    If you decide she is likely broody, try taking her out of the nest daily, try to entice her out with her favorite treats just outside the nest and see what she does.

    Consider more info on what you find posted under behavior or emergency forums.
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    Welcome to BYC please update when you determine if she is broody or not. Hope all is well.
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    Welcome to BYC! [​IMG]I'm glad you joined our community.

    Your bird sounds broody to me, but she could be sick, too. I hope she's okay!

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    Welcome to BYC! Please make yourself at home and we are here to help.

    Yup that sounds like broodiness.

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