New to Chickens...a few questions.

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11 Years
Mar 11, 2008
Hi. I rescued a hen about 6 months about...was told she looks like a gamehen(whatever that is). She wasn't old enough to lay eggs when I got her, but about a week ago she started laying eggs. Yay! I was so excited. The eggs are tiny and brownish. Anyway, since I've gotten her she is outside in a small bunny run during part of the day(her large coop is just about finished) and at night she has free run of the laundry room and before I go to bed she sleeps in her large dog crate. This seems to work well and she loves her routine. I've been reading about how chickens poop a lot at night but this doesn't seem to be true with mine. In fact she doesn't go to the bathroom in her crate at night, she waits until I take her out in the morning. I was thinking about getting a baby chick from the feed store so that she could have a friend(as she loves, loves to be in front of the mirror). Would it be safe to put the baby chick with her? I know that I would have to slowly introduce them to each other but I don't want my chicken to hurt the little one. Also does it matter what kind of chick I buy? I have tons of questions but see that I've rambled on long enough so if any one can help me out with that I would be gratefull. Thanks all!
You can put them together and see what happens. she may take it as her own but she may not. more than likely she will love it like her own just watch her. Breed does not matter. just get the breed that fits you and your desires.
Thanks! Once the new coop is done I think I'll do that. I'd like to get another one while mine is still fairly young. She gets along with the cats and rabbits so I figure maybe she'll be friendly to another chick too.

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