New to chickens and need some advice


6 Years
Sep 8, 2013
We have 2 hens that are RIR (production reds) and 1 is right at 7 months old (that we got as a day old chick) and hasn't started laying yet. The other hen came to us from a different source but was about the same age (long story and 3 rooster later) and has been laying 1 egg everyday since July. She looks healthy and is happy to see us when we go out to the yard. Should I be concerned or just let nature take its course. She is the one on the right in this pix.

And here she is by herself
What would you be concerned about specifically? If you think she may be a he, I would suspect HE would be crowing by now.
Some girls just take longer to start laying and aren't as efficient if you are concerned about egglaying.
Just concerned that she has not started laying yet. Possibly something causing it. Maybe her diet or a possible disease. She doesn't even squat when I go to touch her like the other 2 laying hens do. Just a concern there might be something causing it.

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