New to chickens and No idea what I’m doing


Dec 17, 2020
Hey everyone, my wife and I were hoodwinked into raising chickens. My niece from WV lost her goldfish and was completely distraught over the death. So in an attempt to console her, my wife said next time she came to TX she would buy her a new fish or a baby chick.... long story short: we bought 4 chicks and 6 months later we are still have them. Being kept honest via FaceTime 😃
So after having a crash course, we are having fun and trying to learn what we can.
Welcome to BYC :frow
Wow, from a goldfish to chickens...that is a major difference! Thats like trading in a cat for an elephant! LOL.
I find chicken keeping to be very fulfilling. Although they caused me to do something I dont normally do...break the local law ( no chickens allowed)!
I hope you enjoy your new journey into the amazing world of chickens...and the tasty egg bonus too :thumbsup

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