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    Aug 26, 2014
    my son was given an egg and hatched a beautiful barred rock so we didn't want it to be libely and went and bought two black orphington babies and one died before the next morning :( so we went and got an easter egger chick and last week knew it was a male so I gave him back to the womab I bought him from and unknowingly bought a sick pullet so we knew for sure ONE was a girl (but unfortunately sick)and of course my other two are roos! :/ when we got the pullet home we noticed she had a runny nose and was pooping green and peeing green and isolated her but had already met the boys for about 20 mins. because I didn't know better!!! I didn't think the pullet would make it as I thought she could be dehydrated and emaciated and my concerns were confirmed yesterday by A USDA VET assistant yesterday when they were here for anywaya about a three or four days after we got the sick pullet we noticed the boys didn't look well, they had lost all color in their combs and wattles and the one was pooping alot of blood and even had head twitching! the next day I got some amprol to treat them with and by the third day their color was back and they were feeling the day before yesterday was their 5th day on Amprol and yesterday I started their electrolyte/vitamin/probiotic water and today the black orphington is panting like he is hot but its only like 70° in my home (they are 2mos. old now) and was preparing their coop before they got sick! so the two boys have NEVER been outside, however my son did feed them earthworms and grass from outside! also, the two boys started to have diahrea yesterday and is foamy brown still ( strarted being foamy after starting Amprol) and still is! So my first ? is what to do for them...start Amprol again? they do shake their head and stretch it and yawn and was wondering if they could have gape? but never seen any for my sick pullet, I treated her with tylon for 3 days then Aurethromycin thereafter and safeguard pellets for 3 assistant said she is dehydrated and emaciated and I have had her fir a week and a half and cannot believe she is still alive! she eats alot and drinks a little and sleeps...that is ALL! I don't know what else to do for them until test results come back ( 7-10days) but don't want to lose them in the meantime! any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    I posted on your other thread about the same.

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