new to chickens and to this forum and need some help


6 Years
Sep 20, 2013
i have about thirty chickens young to couple yrs old. had one stag kept dragging his wing and finally couldn't stand. put him down. now ive got a hen that seems drunk and falls on her back. but seems alert and orientated. any ideas. suggestions?
There are several things that cause mobility/movement issues but Marek's is one of the most common and unfortunately, it's deadly and highly contagious. Google Marek's and maybe read up on it from some of the scholarly resources (universities, vets, extension offices, etc). and see if the pictures and descriptions match what you're seeing. There are 4 main ways Marek's affects chickens so you may have a mix of these. Marek's causes tumors that affect different parts of the body. There is loads of good info on Marek's on the web so I won't repeat it all here just have a look and you'll easily find it.

I had 1 case of Marek's and it affected the chickens ability to walk and her eyes, so I'm unfortunately, personally familiar with it.

Good luck,
if you put "Mareks" in the search box, a lot of posts should come up, ones from Nambroth are especially detailed.

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