new to chickens. have a chicken whose leg has issues

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    Mar 16, 2013
    this is our chicken hoppy. when i brought him home he was larger than the other chickens so i seperated them. Well this one didnt want to be seperated so he tried to fly over the divider. Then he same day, my kids say they were cleaning up the cage and they may have hurt his leg with the dust pan. He has been in isolation since that day. He has been to a vet... who gave him anitbiotics and anitilammtory meds. He couldnt walk for 2 weeks but now he started walking and his left left is out like this!. he eats and drinks well. i think hes a cornish rock. i have 2 others and they have all their feathers and are 3 times his size!! help. i already spent $42 on my friend and my husband says no more vets. I have heard about banding the legs. what are your thoughts and how do i do that?

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