New to Chickens - Leg Injury

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Nov 17, 2020
Hi, I'm new to chickens. My little ladies are only 4 and a half months old (5 barred rocks pullets, 5 Americana or easter egger pullets, and a surprise easter egger cockerel). I was turning the tractor out of the wind and heard a squawk. One little lady hadn't moved fast enough and got her leg caught under the side. I quickly freed her but could see I had scratched her leg. She is walking fine. She is eating fine. She is acting fine. Except for a bit of blood running down her leg, and a few loose scales. I quickly quarantined her and sprayed her wound with Rooster Booster Wound Spray. We are getting ready to move them all into a new coop with a run but the run isn't quite finished. So she gets the whole new coop to herself until she heals. What else should I do? I figure I need to deal with the loose scales. Smooth them down with vaseline? Remove them with tweezers? Leave them alone? Thank you for the gift of your experience!
Thank you for the advice!
I didn't have a chicken first aid kit ready. Now I do! I kept her isolated and sprayed her wound with some antiseptic a few times over several hours. Her wound was no longer red and her leg looked much better. I snuck her back into the flock close to sundown at the same time I gave them a bunch of apple slices. She's doing absolutely fine and zero problems with reintroduction after the short isolation.

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