New to chickens.

Jul 26, 2021
Victoria Australia
I bought a dozen eggs from the local craft shop & put them in the incubator. There were little brown eggs, green eggs & blue eggs. 21 days later 7 pipped & hatched, I lost one, it was huge compared to the others. They live in a biggish fish tank in my bedroom with a heat mat under carpet and a heat lamp.
I feed them the correct food from our local Petstock & I decapitate the meal worms head before feeding them those cos the guy who owns Petstock told me that meal worms can eat their way out of a baby chick. I was horrified, my poor babies.
Anyway, I will be looking here for anything that can help me with our new family members,
On another note. I've hatched a Silver Appleyard duckling this morning. My chicks are 7 days old.

When can I put them together? Or shouldn't I?

Hi Gina and welcome to BYC. I’m unsure about putting them together. Here are some links that may be helpful:

Best wishes

Pork Pie
Welcome to BYC!!
Ducklings grow faster than chicks, by week 3-4, ducklings will be more than triple the size of the chicks even though they are younger. They should be kept separate.
You probably already have this done but I wanted to mention your coop and duck house. Make sure the building of the coop, duck house and run are done or almost done because the little ones grow so fast! The chicks can move into the coop in a few more weeks and the ducklings will be able to move into their duck house in a couple weeks.

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