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    May 10, 2009
    I have 5 nine-week old chickens that we just got in their coop. I live in a heavily Covenant controlled area where they actually have people who drive around looking for "non-compliant" residents. Needless to say, I have our coop hidden in the 5 foot side yard between my house and our privacy fence. Since my hens don't get alot of direct sun, we have a light in the coop that turns on at dawn and off at dusk. Is that sufficient?

    I do put them in a movable gate in the backyard occasionally to let them get some sun and eat grass, but I have to cover most of the enclosure with a sheet to hide them.

    Our run starts under the hen house and extends 8 feet or so from the hen house. The entire run is wired with 1/2" wire, even the bottom, to keep out critters. Can I leave the hatch door open at night since they are protected or do I need to close the hatch (door at the bottom of the hen house that has a ramp down to the run) every night?

    Last question. Do I need to have food and water available in the hen house during the night? If I can leave the hatch door open this is not an issue as they can go down below the hen house to get a drink or snack if needed.

    Appreciate all answers! Thanks!
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    My hens stop eating as soon as they go to roost.

    Glad you are keeping them 'stealth'!

    Oh, and WELCOME [​IMG] to BYC from AZ.
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    [​IMG] from Cape Cod, MA! Don't you just love neighborhood covenants?? [​IMG]

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