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Oct 26, 2012
Hi!!! We are new to chickens... We have had a flock of 22 hens & 2 roosters for the last 5 months or so & all we were getting was 1 or 2 eggs a day, every once in a while 3... We added 6 RIR in the last 2 weeks & the first day we got 6 eggs, now we are back to 1 egg a day... is it time to turn on the light, or add something more to the laying mash & cracked corn? They can all roam about during the day & they all go happily back into the coop at night...they also chase the barn cats away from all the scraps...any & all advice is welcome & appreciated! ty in advance!!
from California! During this time of year egg production goes way down due to the shorter days/less daylight hours. You can get a lot of great info in this thread: good luck!
Hello & welcome to BYC. I turn the light on in the coop to help with egg production in the winter. The link that was posted above will have great info for you. Best of luck :)
Hey and welcome! You already have a head start, I didn't find this page until I's had my birds for several months! The things that I picked up here that seem to have really helped my birds out are (a) add a splash of apple cider vinegar to their water always! (b) feed them meat, scrambled eggs or cottage cheese in the fall/winter since there aren't as many bugs to supply protein. Good luck with your birds!
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

Corn is high in calories, but low in protein - too much leads to fat hens that don't lay as many eggs. Have you checked for hidden nests out in the area they run loose?

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