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  1. Just got my chicks. I started with 3 Ameracaunas (EE) pullets and got 7 free (5 BR and 2 mysteries) when I bought my chick starter. It looks like 4/5 BR are cockerels so I wanted more pullets. My EE are questionable, two look like they have a big comb at 2 weeks old (feed store said would refund if become cockerels). I picked up 3 two week old chicks from a neighbor. 2 guessing pullet (buff Wyandotte) one guessing cockerel (buff Cochin) but time will tell. Finally got 4 more today, 2 RIR pullets and 2 New Hampshire pullets. All chucks except neighbor cone from belt hatchery.

    We built our chicken coop and are finishing the extended run 24' x 15'. With bushes and mature trees in the run. Any suggestions on how to help protect against predators with large run would be helpful. We have few predators mostly red tailed hawks, owls, and opposums.
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    The one thing I can say for sure is make certain they are locked up at night. A very secure coop and if you have any window openings put hardware cloth over them. Don't just staple it on but nail/screw wood strips over the ends as well. As for during the day you may try bird netting to deter hawks. I have red tails as well and lost a grown bird (free range) to one. It couldn't carry it away and I didn't find it for a day. Such a waste.
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    Be sure that the run is made of a sturdy material like hardware cloth. Chicken wire, for example, is quite weak and easy for predators to break through. Put secure latches on the run doors. Either bury the run wire 1 foot deep, or create a "skirt" extending outwards 18 inches, to stop digging predators. If the run is open, hawks could be a problem. Make sure the chickens have something to run under if they see a hawk.
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    Welcome to BYC! Please make yourself at home and we are here to help.

    I agree with the advice already given.

    Good luck to you!
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    Mature trees in the run are an invitation for hawks, raccoons , owls etc. to jump down and pick out their dinner. You may want to visit the predator threads to learn more about the enemies and how to repel them. It can be a full time job.

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