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May 11, 2015
Hey there my family and I just got our first baby chicks today, we were told we got golden comets and a bantem. I will post better pictures in the morning. I'm curious to what we have the bantem was unknown if cockerel or hen pretty certain she's a hen but one our Golden's will be a too. As I said I will post pictures in the morning but for now here's our darling girl (our only one surviving three brothers welcoming the "bantem" ( so far sweetest and less skittish with us) to her new home

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Mar 9, 2014
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"Golden Comet" is one of the many names that are used to market Red Sex Link chicks - the beauty of a RSL is that they are a special cross-breed that hatches with the sexes being colored differently to make for easy sexing, so if your GC were sold as pullets the chance of an "oops roo" would be eliminated. These color differences will remain as they mature (as chicks girls are red, males are white - as they mature males are mostly white with little red marking on the wing bows while females are red with white feather that tends to be heavier towards the back than the front and the amount of white can vary greatly from one hen to the next). If you are unsure, definitely get some pictures posted and we can help you get things sorted out. The gender on the bantam will be a bit less obvious at this point - I wouldn't expect to have a good read on that for at least 4-6 weeks.

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