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6 Years
Apr 19, 2013
Ive had bunnies in a playhouse and Avery Setup for a year or so now,
and since losing her mate i bought the last bunny indoors to join my little group of three.

This leaves our Playhouse and Avery empty and my mother inlaw has always wanted chickens. so we discussed adapting it for chickens. but suddenly the school she is helping at has had a 'living eggs project' for the kids and shes wanting to bring one or two of the chooks home.

So now im having to cram information like never before and have 2 weeks to learn all their is to learn about chickens.

Im also now on the lookout for 3-4 more little chicks of a similar age to this little one from the school projects.

no idea what breed it is just that the females are born with brown down and the boys a lemony yellow.

I obviously need to avoid roosters as the garden backs onto my bedroom and id rather go without having a crowing rooster all day while im working.

so here i am joining yet another animal forum to research before we have new arrivals

Miss Tuppence :)
Greeting from Kansas, Miss Tuppence, and
! Great to have you aboard! BYC is a great place to do your research. Start out with the Learning Center link below - it gives you the know how on how to be a responsible chicken keeper. Then explore the various forums for ore specific information. Good luck to you!
If the girls have one color and the boys another, it sounds like the chicks could be' sex links', as they are called. They are bred so that a particular color indicates the sex. Maybe this will help in determining that you don't bring home a roo.

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