New to cochins...what type of covering for run floor instead of dirt..

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  1. EllyMae

    EllyMae Songster keep their cute little bell bottoms(feathered feet) from getting so dirty? I know I don't want to put wood shavings because they stink when wet. I was thinking about a layer of sand(for drainage) then covering that with a thick layer of mulch? I need to get it done today because they are calling for nasty weather for the next couple of days.
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    Apr 22, 2008
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    My Cochins, banty and standard, all go on dirt floors or shavings on the floors. They go out free ranging with the rest of the chickens though so they can get just as muddy as they want. We check often for tangled or broken leg or foot feathers but they do fine.
    I really am not sure how sand would work but it sounds good. Mulch might stick to their foot feathers, it depends on what kind and texture you get for them.
    My banty Cochins are white and they do very well to be right on the ground in foul weather but then they don't like to go out of the coop when it is raining or the wind is blowing. They have and when they are wet they are a mess but they spend hours cleaning themselves.
    I have one blue standard Cochin that adores the rain and she looks so pitiful when wet but I can't keep her in. She jumps in every mud puddle and digs in the mud like a regular clean legged chicken. Rotten girl![​IMG]
  3. EllyMae

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    Quote:Thanks so much for the input. I went to the feed store today to get my supplies but they were currently out of sand AND mulch [​IMG]
    Soooo, I hillbilly rigged a tarp over the run so they can have a dry area. It's already starting to rain and the wind is picking up pretty strong.
  4. asher

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    We just have pine shavings in the barn and straw or hay in the run. We actually use hay in the barn rather than shavings during Winter as well b/c it seems to keep them warmer.

    How are they doing? Did you find a roo? [​IMG]
  5. EllyMae

    EllyMae Songster

    Hey Cindy! They are doing great! I'm so in love with them [​IMG]. I did call the number of the lady you told me about but I haven't been able to reach her. I am going to try again tomorrow. Oh, I found out that Cleveland Feed and Farm is going to have a nice assortment of chicks in March...just wanted to pass that along.
  6. asher

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    Jan 26, 2007
    Mountains of NC
    WOOT! I have some chicks coming from Ideal. I know I'll probably end up getting more in March when I found some at feed stores, etc., but rightn ow the plan is not to that close to babe arriving! [​IMG] That's the plan, I'm sure it will change...since the original plan was no chicks this year! [​IMG]

    If you want her e-mail address, let me know and that might be easier to get in touch with her.
  7. AtRendeAcres

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    I get my sand from a mason stone buisness!

    I get 1/2 ton for $9
  8. MandyH

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    Sand, sand, and sand. ALL of my runs, coops, sheep stalls and everything have a 6-8 layer of pure sand in them. It is GREAT to say the least. The sand will pull all the moisture out of the poop and it will disinigrate, any rain and wetness goes to the bottom of the sand keeping feet and feathers dry, and they LOVE to dust bathe in the warm sand! It also keeps the flies away in the summer, you are not slopping around in poop soup, and it is just great all around. I get a dump truck load every fall for $45 dollars and we also fill in any low spots too that may hold water in the winter (like well used walkways and such). If you should get a build up of poop, or a spot that gets cakey, all you have to do is run the rake over it and your good.

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