New to Ducks and awaiting arrival of Ducklings..... Need advice


May 12, 2015

I need any help and advice about raising ducklings...... I am new to ducks....... 6 months ago I was given a trio of ducks and well one thing lead to another and now both my girls (Alice and Annie) are sat on a massive joint nest with about 18-20 eggs and they have hardly moved for nearly 4 weeks....... This is where my questions start.....

I really want everything to be natural and not have to help as when I decided to let them breed I thought this was best, not using incubators etc but now it is getting near I feel like Grandma awaiting a birth..... Do I need to take the ducklings away or can I just sit back and let them do everything.... The nests are outdoors but near a pond, clean water and food but not near the coop? The garden is secure from predictors but they are first time mums and I am worried it is all going to go wrong??

Any help, advice etc would be appreciated


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