New to ducks and Geese, eggs soon I hope


9 Years
Jun 23, 2010
Ocoee Florida

I have had chickens for several years now but acquired a female duck and goose in April, both raised from babies so I hope to get eggs from both of them soon.

The chickens sleep in the coop and the duck and goose sleep inside some nights and outside some nights, they all live in harmony together. But I have a couple questions

Is there any activity from the duck or goose I need to look for that will tell me the eggs will be coming soon?

Do you think they will go inside to lay an egg like the chickens do?

Do I need a separate house for them to call their own?

Will they sleep, lay eggs and poop all in the same area if I build them a house?

Any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated.
I found when the ducks start to make little nests it probably means egg laying is coming, that said my Pekin surprised me one day there was an egg and then another and another lol I own 5 females...

Maybe is about all i can say to the rest of the questions, i do have some who will lay in the barns, coops other decide to lay elsewhere under trees, under farm equipment, in the horse barn lol

As for a separate area? being females that is good, as drakes can be worrisome with chicken hens.. i don't house my chickens and ducks together but some do, just ensure there is proper space and nobody bullies each other.

Again building them a house doesn't ensure they will use it as an all in one... they can be funny with this... ducks and geese are not like chickens and come home to roost, most prefer to find natural shelter and go quiet for the night.. i know if i gave mine a choice most would not set foot indoors unless the weather was really bad and even then some still woudn;t.

Good luck with your quackers though!
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