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    Mar 28, 2012
    Hi, I hope I'm not repeating an old thread but I can't seem to find how to search your forum??

    ~I'm hoping to get a couple of garden ducks as pets and as egg layers. When I was a kid we always used to have runners and campbells but as they would have less space in my new home I have been thinking about trying to get some bantam ducks. I want pretty good layers, I have been looking at silver appleyard bantams and east indie bantams but I don't really know an awful lot about it all??

    For example I have no idea where I can get ducks?! Nowhere around my area seems to sell them anymore and if they do they have no idea whether they are from good laying stock or not??

    Also, I know its cliched, but I really want to start with ducklings.. they just become so much more tame! But obviously if I want layers then I want females. I remember as a kid we used to get day olds sometimes and they would be sexed by the breeder. Does that still happen? I would love to hatch eggs but really only whave space for two to three.

    Next, how much space do ducks really need? I've read online that each duck needs about 2feet squared living space and 1 metre squared run space? They would also have run of the garden or veg patch when I am home and don't mind having poop all over the garden?!! (so not when I have kids playing!!)

    Sorry to be a pain with so many questions, but it actually quite hard to find stuff out!

    Thanks :)

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