new to Ducks please advise


9 Years
Feb 7, 2010
I have chickens and quails, pheasants etc but i have just ordered 4 hen an 1 cock Muscovy ducks

i have quite a bit of land to let them out on every day
Do i have to keep them separate at night when they roost or will they mix?
Shall i get them some duck food or will they eat the same chicken food
i have read up bits an pieces on muscovies but any help would be gratefully received
thanks Chris
I have a flockof Muscovy! They actually do not roost and I have heard that they can be housed with the chickens! (i don't) Drakes can get aggressive and they have large claws! Keep that in mind! They will need a separate waterer from the chickens because they will muck it up constantly! They also must have a "pool" to bath in! A kiddie pool is fine for them because they are a breed of duck that does not spend a lot of time in the water but MUST be able to bath! They will eat the same chick starter as chickens and then layer pellet when they start to lay! They also need oyster shells and grit just like chickens!
I have chickens, ducks and geese, and they all get the same feed: Nutrena "All Flock." (When ducklings are young, in the brooder, I add Brewer's Yeast to their feed, which is regular chick starter. Don't believe the hooey that you "can't give medicated feed to ducks!" The current use of the anti-cocci drugs are not like they used to be YEARS AGO, but the warning persists through repetition.)
Nice one people
I am looking forward to my new friends

I have a chicken coup i was going to put the 5 of them in for now it 4 foot long 4 foot high an 3 foot wide with a couple of nest boxes on the side ,
would they sit on the floor if i cover it with straw??/ or sit on the perch,
it is only a temporary house
Also do i clip there wings ????
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I have my ducks now ,great fun
How long do i have to keep them in the coup before letting them out on the land??
I built a huge outdoor pen for mine! It has a top and 4 sides - no bottom all made of chicken wire! Not sure you shpuld just let them go because that really opens them up to predators! They don't seem to be the fastest of ducks!
my year old pair roost with the chickens and she lays in the nest box. well its big enough for her and 8 chickens at one time. of course they all want the corner end. mine free range all day. they dont fly until i get after them to get of the highway. the waddle off in the pasture a lot further away than my guineas do from the coop.

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