new to emu's needing a pin,

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    what size of pin (sqft per emu)?
    how tall does the fence need to be?
    what type of shelter?
    what other thing do they like? (water, hills, roost)

    what every info i can get would be helpful.
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    absolutely as big a pen as you can provide them. Six-feet tall fences of a type on which the sillies can’t injure themselves. Give them a shelter, just to keep the A.S.P.C.A. guy happy. The emus will largely ignore it. (Emus are waterproof, and come in their own feather-down sleeping-bag.) If you are in an ‘exotic’ location, check on necessary vaccinations. They love to swim and wallow. Someone else can advise you on food. For treats, any fallen fruit that you can score is cheap. They love seeds (like wheat), fruit, vegies, and nuts – but try them with different things. Greedy the Emu likes tamarillos.

    If they are young, the more time you spend with them, the tamer they will be when they are adult.

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