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7 Years
Aug 20, 2012
Ray, Michigan
Hi everyone
This is my first year with chickens. l am a city girl gone country. Moved out to the country about 4 years ago and wanted to do more than grow produce so we started out small. We got 6 chicks during chick days (but as it turns out 5 are chicks and 1 is a rooster)
Up until about 3 months ago everything was going good. Now as time goes by the Rooster is getting so aggressive toward me that I cannot even go into the coop or even open it without him attacking me. And YES I'm scared. One of the farmers up the road told us to try giving him a separate coop away from the hens to see if this puts him in his place but I think I would rather find him another home.
I love the girls and love spoiling them with different treats every day and learning more about them. I've looked around this site for a while now and found a lot of good information.
Hello and welcome from glad you joined. I just re-homed a mean silkie roo and my hens and I are much happier already :) good luck
Hello ajs126, welcome to BYC from Kentucky. Yes, please find that rooster a new home. You do not want to take the chance on him attacking you or a child. There are too many nice roosters out there for anyone to have a mean one. He might just fit into your freezer perfectly!
We have four roosters on our farm and they are wonderful tame boys.

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Greetings from Kansas, ajs126, and
! Great to have you aboard! I love spoiling my chickens, too!! Hope you can find info on taming your rooster. If not, there is always the crockpot. Best of luck to you!!

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