new to forum.. have question about coop/run space needed.

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    Apr 13, 2011
    Hello all,
    Is a coop/run 3'W X 8-9'L X @ 30"H enough room for 2-3 hens? I put my name on a list for 3 sex-link pullets that will arrive in mid-May. I have a small side yard between my front and back yards (and neighbor on the side) .. There is a gate separating the side from the back yard with my 3 JRTs, and another gate that keeps the side yard out of view from the front. The coop would have wood fencing down one side (the side right next to my neighbors) and one end (going to the back yard.) The coop would not be legal; although there are cows across the street, the city officials tell me that our house is within city limits and may not keep chickens, so if I do this, I'm going to keep it out of sight. My neighbor is all for it, luckily. I had planned on a 8 foot run with the coop situated over one end, so as not to lose run space. Is this enough room? It would get protection from wind, and would get some sun during the day with the house blocking the hot (Texas) afternoon sun. i would be able to occasionally let the hens loose in the side yard, contained by the double gates. One of my concerns (besides legality) is that the run would be right next to my potting bench and if I let them out of their run, they might find fertilizer granules spilled from my potting flowers and poison themselves eating them. What do ya'll think?
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    Hi - Welcome to the board!

    You will find hundreds of members here with secret chicken houses.

    That will be enough space for 3 hens - but really - not any more. If you are getting them all together they should get along fine -

    They will eat the fertilizer if given the chance - chickens eat everything! I freaked out the first time I saw mine eat mice! like little dinosours!

    You will enjoy them in the yard - they cant read maps so they wont leave - they don't know how to get there!

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