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8 Years
May 21, 2011
Hi, just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Amie and we've been raising chickens since 2009 when I got 12 of them for a surprise Mother's day present. I was quite surprised since we didn't even have a coop! lol We've had really good luck with them up until yesterday when I went out and found 4 dead. We didn't know what had happened since they showed no injuries, the other 7 were fine and one was even found dead still on the roost like she'd just went to sleep there. Further investigation showed that they had been killed by the buffalo gnats, they are so bad up here right now and I simply didn't realize that they were out there. Lesson learned, believe me. I feel horrible and we've been spraying them and the coop with straight vanilla and it's working so I hope the rest will be ok. If anyone else has any other ideas, I would love to hear them. Thanks!
Sorry for your loss. Welcome to byc. There are a lot of people losing chickens because of those bugs. Do a search under buffalo gnats or black flies. Hope you can get rid of them. Good luck.
Hi there!
Welcome from western Ky. So sorry to hear of your losses; that had to be really tough.
I hope your survivors do well. I had heard of using vanilla before, but hadn't needed to use anything here yet, although I may do so as soon as I get the windows installed. Too many openings/holes right now to block mosquitoes & gnats, but that's all being remedied quite shortly.
Again, welcome! You'll meet many nice, friendly people (and maybe a few of the other kind, but hey -- the nice ones FAR outnumber the others!
) and find this is a wonderful resource and a great social community. Pull up a comfortable chair and stay a while!
Welcome to BYC! Sorry about the losses. Someone posted about putting a fan in the coop to blow the gnats away?
from Joshua Tree CA. Sorry about the loss of your girls. I hope you take are of the nasty buggers that got them! Sending good thoughts for the rest of your girls!

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