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I am new to forum. Got 6 babies, 3 reds and 3 whites from Tractor Supply. They seem to be adjusting well. I have one thats a little smaller than the others. I trying to bet them used to me. They have been here 5 days. They run to the other side of the brooder when I come to check on them. They get upset if you try to pick them up. I hope thats normal for now. Any advice or ideas greatly appreciated and welcome!! Im not even sure what breed they are?? Ipjrchased them in Palm Bay Florida.

Yes, that is the way chicks are. They are a bit skittish all their saves them from predation sometimes. They will warm to you as you give them treats as they grow up. Don't worry about treats for now, but spending some time with them, talking with them and caring for them makes them used to you. They especially get even more skittish around 3 weeks of age from my experience. When they start laying eggs, they become friendlier and will squat for you- that makes them easy to pick up.

Cute babies!
Just wait for the 3rd week, it is as if they double in size overnight. Mine are a mix of responses after 4 weeks. I try to handle them for at least 5 minutes for each one each day if at all possible and I have fed them pieces of chick stick out of my hand. This has resulted in 2 of the Buff Orpingtons still being idiot scared when I try to catch them, The head chick (or Roo the jury is still out) production Rhode Island Red is very relaxed and does not run from me at all and if I sit on the ground or floor near him/her it will sit on my leg or snuggle up. One of my B.O. is very calm when I pick her up and does not get scared too easily and the other 2 R.I. R.'s start out being skittish but after I have picked up the others they calm a bit and once they are in my hands they both are pretty content to just sit with me. They sometimes get collectively freaked out and I have to wait for the hysteria to calm before I start the handling.
Mine are 3 1/2 weeks old now. They are very friendly but still dont like to be picked up. They would rather be patted. I think its just their nature to be truthful. They will jump on my hands or arms......but dont pick me up

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