New to hatching ducks and have a question, or two !

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    May 6, 2017
    Hello !! I'm very new to all this to i apologize in advance if I don't get the terminology correct .

    Long story short, I've acquired 9 mallard duck eggs from a nest at my house . The geese that had claimed our pond hatched their babies and were trying to destroy the duck nest nearby, so my mother in law took the eggs and now I have them.

    I have an incubator and have been keeping the temp and humidity very stable (99-100° and about 55%). I recently read about candeling and decided to give it a go because I had no idea how far along the eggs were. I should also add I've been hand turning them and misting the eggs when I turn them . Anyways, when I candled them last night I notice that some have internally pipped which I was thrilled about . That was at around 9pm . I read that you should hear the babies peeping and can hear them taping but I've not heard anything!! I know they are still alive because in my panic I picked one up today and it's definitely still moving.

    Can it be possible for them to pip internally but not make any noise ?

    What should my humidity be set to now ? I've seen articles that say to crank it up, and others say to decrease it .

    How long will it be before the pip externally ?

    I'm so confused but very happy with myself that I've gotten this far considering I literally had ZERO knowledge of how to do this 10 days ago.

    Thank you for any help !!

    Also I just realized I posted this in New members, whoops!
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    It takes between 25 and 29 days for Ducks to hatch. They may not all hatch the same day as one egg is laid by the duck per day. The 25 days all depends on when she starts sitting on them. So the one she laid first may hatch first. Ducks usually lay between 8 to 12 eggs to hatch. So don't give up if your ducklings don't hatch all at once in the same day.

    The eggs need a stable temperature of 99.5 F for days 1-25 with a relative humidity of 55%. For days 26-28, the temperature should be at 98 F with a relative humidity of 65%.
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    Welcome to BYC Joselyn, it's nice to meet you. The folks on the "Duck thread." will be able to answer your questions. You can put "Duck thread," in the search box above and it will come up.
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    CTKen has given you a great link

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