New to Hatching Eggs in 30 Years


8 Years
Dec 11, 2011
My name is Sally8 due to the fact that my Grandson named all our hens Sally. Unfortunately, I'm down to Sally6 but that's how it goes. For my birthday I received an incubator. I had hatched chicks 30 years ago, and to be honest I don't remember having much trouble and had most hatch.
I rounded up Black Copper Maran's, Barred Rock and Ameraucana eggs (I'll say that I was only interested in the colored eggs not the particular breed, so I'm trying to stay out of argument's way with that one as to if they are truly Ameraucana)
I don't remember fussing so as I read advice on here as how to incubate. I tried to do everything "Just So"
I hatched all the Maran's. 2 of the 5 Barred Rock. (2 broke holes through but never came out out of 2 more. It got very hot here in NY the day they were hatching and the temp soared to 104 for 3 hours or so. I can't figure any other reason. They were fully developed. Today, I'll crack the 5th to see what's in there.) 6 of the 12 Ameraucana eggs hatched and today is the 22nd day so I supposed there is still hope. What a wonderful experience it has been for myself, husband, grown children and grandchildren. They would stop in during work to see if anything was peeping. It has been great. It's even been fun trying to figure out the sex. Laughing about hanging them upside down, checking wings, vents, spots. Thanks for letting me join.
Here's to future hatches!!
Isn't it wonderful ! I am glad you joined.. I don't think you will find a subject with more strong opinions than on How to Hatch .. So many variables.. I love it ! I am not the most successful Hatcher but with each Chick that does hatch ohhh how thrilled I get . staying glued to that incubator .. I have had my grand children actually be able to watch the entire thing .. Every time I put eggs in I think I have a new plan .. Tweeking this and that , blaming any that don't hatch on maybe this maybe that .. I really enjoy Hatching some of the mystery eggs where I know my Free Rangers have mingled.. Having what look like Pure Barred Rock chicks popping out of a Green Egg ! Oh The Joy it brings me ! Glad you Joined !
Corinne ~NY

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