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    Jan 10, 2011
    So I want want to try and hatch some eggs instead of buying chicks this year. I know absolutely nothing about hatching.

    1st- Is there more success with ordered eggs or could I use my girl's eggs (they would be a buff orpington NH red cross)? is there a way to test for fertility?

    2nd- Incubators? do you make your own or buy one? what is cheeper? what is more successful?

    3rd- Is there a book or website you would recommend?

    Thank you for your help![​IMG]
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    I went to the Brinsea website for a downloadable file if I remember correctly that had all kinds of info.

    I ended up buying a Brinsea Mini Advance and I am happy with it. On shipped eggs, a 50% hatch rate is good. On your OWN eggs, assuming your roo to hen ratio is good, you should have MUCH better than that.

    You look at the egg yolk after you crack it open to eat to see if it was fertilized (obviously you don't crack the ones to put in the incubator [​IMG] ).
    here is how to tell

    I don't have experience with building an incubator, but there are threads on that, I know.
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    Quote:You'll have more success with your own eggs vs. shipped eggs. Plus, for a first time hatch I think its better to test your methods on eggs that haven't cost you a bunch.

    Quote:If you look at the sticky at the top of the incubating section, there are some great photos of fertile eggs. You will need to crack a few of yours to ensure they are fertile but once you know, you can feel confident you are setting good eggs.

    Quote:Some people buy, some make them. Check out the incubators in the "coop designs" section of the BYC home page. It will give you some ideas on how to make one if you feel up to it (its really very easy - DH and I put one together in an hour or so).

    Quote:I'd recommend spending some time browsing the incubating sub-forum of BYC - that's where I learned everything I needed to know for a successful first hatch!
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  5. alaskapalo

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    Jan 10, 2011
    Thanks! I am going to get some eggs from the coop and take a look.

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