new to hatching turkeys.temp question...

Same as chickens but with a 28 day incubation instead of 21. Temp 99.6 for bators with a fan and 100.5 without. Without a fan cuts hatch rate a lot. Humidity about 50% though day 25. Keep eggs in an autoturner or turn manually through day 25. Then stop turning eggs, lay them on their sides, raise humidity to 60-70% and try not to open the bator unless you really have to. Keeping high humidity is important to help soften the shell and membranes a bit.

Oh forgot. Candle about once a week to determine egg viability and developement. Remove eggs that are clear past 1 week, eggs with blood rings or eggs that become all dark early on. You will need a brighter light source than for a chicken egg and some patience at first to assess developement.

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