New to having the chicks

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7 Years
Jun 15, 2012
Sheffield (UK)
how long do you keep them on a heat just out of intrest my make kept them on heat till they want about 10 week old and fed them on chick crumb does anyone know a better diet then chick crumb?

by the way im in the uk
Start at 90-95 degrees F (35 C) for the first week. Drop that about 5-7 degrees F a week till you get to your lowest ambient temperature. Make sure they have room to get away from the heat so they can regulate their own temperature. They will feather out quicker if they can move to cooler temperatures. Once they are fully feathered they should not require a heat lamp. Just ween them from it over a few days before shutting it off completely. Egg layers should be fed chick crumbles till they start laying at about 5 months.

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