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    Hey guys I have 2 Peking ducks Donald and Daisy... They are about a year old... Recently Daisy started laying eggs the first time she laid it was during a snow storm and she showed zero interest in them... She resently laid another clutch of 21 eggs... She showed a lot of interest in them and laid on them everyday... But of course she didn't lay them in her hutch... She laid them in the corner behind it and it rained for two days... Her nest became compromised and they eggs were falling out... My kids were so excited to have new hatchlings and she had sat on them for over 2 weeks so I just couldn't let them go... I tried moving them but she quickly showed she had no interest in them after that... I knew this would happen but I just wanted to see if she would go back... So I decided to incubate them myself... I originally had 21 eggs... after I brought them inside and candled them I soon discovered only 19 were viable... I have had them in the incubator "little giant 9300 still air incubator" with a automatic egg turner... They have been in the incubator for 9 days now... 99.9 F with between 55 and 65% humidity... Only 12 have made it this far... The others died early on and I just wasn't ready to give up on them... But it became clear they were gone... So now here is the question I am not exactly sure how to know when to take them off the egg turner... I have multiple charts and been reading your wonderful posts but I just can't figure it out... They have not piped internally yet so I know they aren't that far along... I will include a few pictures... If anyone could help me figure this out it would be great... Thank you in advance....[​IMG][​IMG]

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