New to loving chickens somewhere other than dinner :)


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7 Years
May 20, 2012
Hi from Utah!
I'm a mom of three kids, a wife to an awesome California guy, and new owner of 6 happy hens! I'm in charge of helping people in this area get more prepared for emergencies and become more self reliant- thus the chickens ha ha. Several folks in my area had chickens and showed me how to get started and here we are! Both my husband and I have been pretty weirded out/freaked out by owning small birds so we never thought we'd see the day that we own some of these feathered dinosaurs. But we're growing pretty fond of these silly creatures. The chickens are 17 wks old. We've got two black stars (bus, and chubby), one red star (iron-man-cobal-chicken -my youngest son's chicken), one buff orpington (Buffy), one Delaware (kfc), and one barred Plymouth rock (Leslie -my oldest son's chicken). :) They're pretty awesome we've had them for around a month and a half and look forward to getting some eggs going in the near future. Glad to be here!


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