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6 Years
Jun 29, 2013
So I've been reading molting posts. Most are pretty old so I'm requesting any new insights. I have one hen that I think has started to molt a bit. She is still laying though. I just noticed it today. I've been reading that I should add some protein. We feed the cat Purina One dry as it is suppose to be a higher protein feed. I have five hens. Would it be a good thing to throw in a cup of the cat food along with their regular food daily or no? Just needing guidance as I am very attached to my girls. I'll feed them whatever I need to, I'm just not sure the best route to go. Thanks for your help. I am a bit freaked by it.
Some chickens drop a few feathers at a time and you hardly notice, others look almost bald or at least bald in patches. Their skin is actually sensitive while they are molting so IF try not to pick them up as much . I buy a gamebird flight developer feed for mine as it is a higher protein. I have heard of people using cat food, I just haven't tried it.

Mine never seem to molt at the same time so IF mix the feed as some are laying and others are not.

There are lots of different techniques. You have to find what works best for you and your girls.

Good luck.
I have chickens that will have a medium molt, with parts of their feathers falling off and regrowing, and then a new patch falling off. They typically stop laying for a while. Then I have chickens where you have no clue they are molting until you find feathers building up under your roost. Those may stop laying, but mine don't. Then there are a few who molt quite drastically, but I've never had one. Frizzles, I think, molt very hard.
Chickens sometimes molt in late summer-mid autumn, or they molt at random times of year.

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