New to NYC with one year old flock and growing!!


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May 11, 2015
Hello!! I have 6 beautiful Hens in my backyard flock. Two buff orpingtons named Willow and Buffy. There Ameracaunas named Phobe, Piper and Prue and my last living Black Maran, Darla.
Darla has been broody for about 4 weeKS so tonight we introduced two, 2 day old Maran babies. We did everything right according to the experts and right now everything in our brooder box is silent. Deathly silent. So either we succeeded or we failed sadly. I will keep you updated. Any advice is welcome!!
After an hour of silence we left Darla alone with the chicks.....she didn't do well. Ive Learned The HARD Lesson here with broody hens. Babies buried and I will be trying to break the broody girl tips welcome!
Thank you. I sure hope so! It was a tough lesson. Strangely enough I threw her out of her brood box after the incident and this morning she is back with the flock.
What a shame. She was probably crabby from sitting so long and no results. Or one of those broody types who sits because of hormones but, doesn't really want chicks. My friends 2 serama hens are like that.

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