new to ordering chicks


Mar 28, 2017
I am thinking about ordering some baby chicks to have mailed. I am looking for a certain kinds of breeds and having a hard time finding them in my area.
This will be the first time for me buying chicks this way. Any sites or recommendations would be great.
Wanting female easter eggs, olive eggers, ameraucanas and maybe lavender orpingtons

thank you
It's best to use a hatchery closer to you. I have gotten many chicks from My Pet Chicken. Finding the breeds you want this time of year might be a bit harder. Many places run out of the more rare breeds quickly as they also tend not to lay as much. I would get looking soon before you can't find what you want.
agree with above... but I wanted to note to you that most hatcheries advertise for Amerucuana, but they aren't actually selling them. They pass EEs off as Amerucuana, and now days I even see them saying 'Amerucuana, also known as Easter Eggers, ...' Those are two different breeds, and if you really want one, I'd find a breeder in your area.
My Pet Chicken does sell actual Ameraucana, they are blues, as well as Easter eggers, so does Meyers hatchery. I don't know about the rest.

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