New to outside, not drinking?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by mrkep, Jul 11, 2010.

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    Hi Folks,
    We let our 5 week olds out to their run yesterday, and they had a great time. Today, after they had been out for 5 hours, some were laying down on their side and not moving until someone stepped on them. We left the waterer in the coop as that seemed to be easier than moving it twice a day. ( 5 gal size) So when some were laying down, we thought they might not have sense enough to go back inside for a drink, so we put a chick waterer outside and all 24 clustered around and drank a lot of water, almost emptied the container. So is going back inside to drink something they will learn? Or should we offer water in and out? Their chick food is in and some will go in to eat, but it seemed 4 or 5 were acting thirsty, then there was the big cluster at the water when we offered it.
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    That looks like a great set up you have there [​IMG] Mine eventually figured it out, it didn't take more than a day. I only have water and food in the coop. I am sure some do it differently, but this works for me. Maybe you can pick one or 2 up and take then inside to the water. They are followers and will soon figure it out. Good luck.
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    yes often water outside at all times, i give my chicks kitchen food and throw scratch outside i feed my chicks pellets layer inside and have water their too beside in the winter months they will know where the food n water is if there is bad weather
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    You'll find that they do a lot better with water some place in the shade outside as well as inside.

    I have no idea of the temperatures inside your coop, the chickens may be reluctant to go inside if it is too warm in there.

    I have a five gallon metal waterer in the coop and a one gallon plastic waterer outside, the girls prefer the outside one on really warm days even though the coops do not get all that warm inside.

    Maybe they don't really like to move a lot when it is hot.

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