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I am getting 4 Polish Chickens, I am new to the breed, I am just intrigued by their looks. Do you have any advice? I eventually may be interested in breeding once I learn more about them. I am going to have them separate from the rest of my flock.
Polish are a lot of fun. one thing you have to keep in mind is that they can't see well. the roos tend to jump first ask questions later. If you talk to them as you approach it helps. In the winter you don't want the top knot to get wet or they freeze. what color are you getting
Polish are a great breed in my opinion. I really do love my girls. They're very laid back and friendly, very calm, and seem to lay a plenty amount of eggs (probably because they are hatchery girls) The only downside is that you need to do something about their crests if you get a good enogh quality bird. Since it rains a lot out here, I have to tie up their crests in the winter and clip around their eyes during the spring so they can see better, otherwise the rain and much gets to them, and they are easy pickings or lost in the forest pretty easy. I've only lost two Polish during a bad storm, and found them in someone else's backyard over 2 weeks later. Since then, they have been the sweetest birds of mine!

Oh and another thing - If you have other breeds to go with polish, watch out for bullying. My Silver Laced is on the bottom of the pecking order, and sometimes will be found with a bloody crest.


Rix, my favorite of the white crested blacks with her crest clipped in the spring (well, late january. . . it's incredibly warm out here this year
) And Rix in the winter with her crest tied up.


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