New to quail, building coop now, got some ?'s


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I am building an over under, closed in coop/nesting area on top, chicken wire/wood run area below. Is the over/under a good idea? how about with coop on bottom, run on top? I am insulating the coop in real good. and will put plastic over the chicken wired outer area for during the winter months. I am going to be putting some Christmas lights on it to provide light to get eggs during the winter months. Do I only need lights on the outside run area or do I want some inside the coop as well?? Will the pine shaving I use for my chickens work in the nesting area? Do I need to put some sort of nesting box like I provide for my chickens? When I get to the animal feed store, what should I ask for to feed some coturnix? I have plenty of laying feed and cracked corn for my chickens, vege scraps, eggs, etc.
If you look at the stickies at the top of the quail section it has answers to all of your questions and more

I will go ahead and attach the link here to help you get started, welcome to the quail world
first off, i wouldn't bother with a run, quail arn't that smart, they probably won't go back into the coop, that and you risk disease from the ground, most people on here use elevated cages with wire floor bottoms(1/2" hardware cloth is prefered), i just toss a tarp over my coops when it gets really cold.

you shouldn't need laying boxes as they won't really use them, they kinda just lay where ever. best hting is to put a sand box in there, they will probably end up laying in that. pine shavings work.

as far as feed do not mess around on this subject they need GAMEBIRD STARTER many companys make it 24% or higher protien content, DO NOT feed them regular chicken feed as that does not have the things they need. Purina makes a good product that i use myself called Gamebird Startena, its a 30% protien crumble, and my birds go nonsense for it. veggie scraps and corn are always good snacks.

I use regular white christmas lights on my coops and they work very good.

and also remember QUAIL ARE NOT CHICKENS so w/e you would do for chickens, probably not the same for quails. If you got any other questions just ask

oh yea, and read thru all the sticky information at the top of the quail forum, tons of good stuff in there.
A rabbit hutch can suffice for a quail habitat. I would reinforce the the big holes with a smaller hardware cloth wire though (for those predators with small pesky hands).

There are many stickies that cover coturnix care (unless you are talking about a different quail species).

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