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Dec 19, 2015
Hello everyone! I just joined to try to learn from others about quail. This Saturday I got 10 1-2week old Coturnix Quail and already I'm amazed on the growth rate on these things! I've had chickens and ducks before when I was younger but this is my first experience with quail. So far they are doing well. Now I have been researching them for awhile now but I have a few questions as well.

First question is what does everyone feed their quail? Right now they're on a game bird feed that the guy I got them from gave us. He also said once they're mature he feeds his chicken layer feed but I've read on here they need a higher protein feed than chickens do.

Also I was thinking of doing sprouts or fodder for at least part of their diet, if not all. Again, how do I make up for the higher protein needs of quail with this diet as most of the grains used I know don't have enough protein.

And lastly, for now at least their coop and run outdoor will be on the ground. What do people use for litter? I've been tied between sand and possibly trying the deep litter method. I don't know whether either of those work for quail however.

Any advice for a newly would be awesome! Thank you!


Oct 26, 2015
Southeast Alabama
here's what i feed and it works well for me:

hatch to 3 weeks of age: a 28% 'Super Biddy' feed ( $11.65 for a 50# bag)
3 weeks to 6 weeks of age: 24% game bird grower mix ($10.90 for a 50# bag)
6 weeks and older: 24% game bird breeder mix ($10.60 for a 50# bag)

the Super Biddy as well as the grower both have Bacitracin Methylene to prevent ulcerative enteritis. the breeder does not and has higher calcium and a slightly different ratio of vitamins and minerals in the mix.

EDIT: on the flooring, quail LOVE sand.
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