New to quail


Jul 29, 2019
Sun City, AZ

A few months ago I rescued some eggs from an abandoned quail nest by my house in Sun City, Arizona. Ten days later, seven adorable baby gambel quail hatched. Little did I know the life changing decision I had made that day.

Having had no experience with birds, animals, or babies of any kind, I have had a lot of questions and learned quite a bit along the way. The postings on this site have helped most of all, so I decided to join.

Thank you all for all the helpful information. It is quite an adventure raising these beautiful birds!
Thank you for all the greetings! The quail are doing great!

That's my sweet Pedro in the avatar. She has become my permanent companion. Due to health problems since she was born, she has always been much smaller than the others and I've had to keep her separate, so we became pals.

The others turned out to be males. They get along great most of the time. I released them at my parent`s house in Sun City West last week, but they are hanging around their yard so my mom puts them in their pen at night (for protection- and they feel safe there). She also keeps food and water out for them. I'm hoping that will be a good transition for them. There are lots of quail around out there, but right now they are not friendly toward my boys. I hope when winter comes they will be able to join a covey and go enjoy their lives.

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