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Jun 20, 2011
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Hello a freind of mine just gave me a male Jumbo Brown Quail. i gave him some 12% laying mash that i give my chickens, but just bought some gamebird food for him at the store. im going to find him a female soon. my question(s) is how big of a cage does he need, what type food is best to give him, what kind of treats can i give him, and does he need a roost for night time? this is my first time with quail, but i have been raising chickens my whole life. Thanks in advance
A rabbit hutch of 2x4 feet makes a good home for quail as they don't need huge spaces. You might want to get him a few females so that he does not mate one to death.

Any non layer feed that is 24% to 28% protein is great for quail. Offer crushed oyster shell on the side for the layers. You can use a wire bottomed floor or use hay or pine shavings for bedding. Quail like little hidey places so they would appreciate a couple of cut branches in their environment. Quail do not free range, however if they have a small run that they can access the dirt, they would greatly appreciate that.

They need to dust bathe, so a low pan of dirt or sand will be needed. They do not roost or perch at night, but will sleep on the floor. They are seasonal layers and generally lay between April and October. If you use hay for bedding, they will make nests out of the hay. If not, they will lay their eggs anywhere they please. They don't need nest boxes like chickens, but would use over turned buckets or even flower pots that you can carve an opening or mouse hole type hole so they can lay inside.

As for treats, they enjoy many types of veggies, seeds, nuts, greens, peas in the pod, quartered apples and peaches, mealworms...generally similar things to what chickens like to eat.

Enjoy your new quail ventures!
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Thank you so much!!! i will give him a little hiding place, and some hay for a nest! i know he loves mealworms! we give them to the chickens and thought he might want some. he eats them like candy! i love this little guy

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